Scent is always an experience, processed in the same part of the brain as memory and emotion, scent is evocative, it is ethereal, it is visceral, it is misunderstood and it is everywhere.

MKG Bio Alchemy’s work encourages a reconnection with our most primordial sense while focusing on sustainability, luxury, and integrity. We create proprietary aromatic and medicinal formulations constructed with 100% naturally derived phyto essences, distillates and extractions sourced from around the world.

Michelle K Gagnon consults with clients on botanical product research and development, curation, innovation, education and distillation. She collaborates with the senses to create olfactory art, aromatic instillations and sensorial experiences. Supporting experiential projects using the medium of nature, art & olfaction she collaborates with artists and designers to help bring a vision to life with high quality, high vibrational aromatics.

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